Every day we design comfort and functions for the most demanding international markets. Our main commitment, though, is to improve the place where we all live. The most authentic and deepest well-being makes its start, in fact, with the respect, care and attention we dedicate on a daily basis to the environment surrounding our workplace and the people living and working therein.

Business investments and strategic choices grow each year thanks to a social responsibility which rewards us in terms of quality of life, relationships, and habitat where they all come to light and happen.

> the floor heating of all plants is obtained by recycling the wood processing waste
> MS auto produces almost the total of its energy needs with a 500 KW photovoltaic system mounted on 8000 square meters of the plant.
> all the raw material processed is CARB 2 certified
> all the machines and equipment supplied are the cutting edge of energy saving
> MS epoxy powder coating technology is completely non-toxic

MS srl - The Italian Art of Furniture

via Maestri del Lavoro, 23 / 25 • 60027 - Osimo Stazione [AN]
Tel. +39 071 78.19.844 - Fax +39 071 78.19.845
P.iva / Cod.Fisc.: 02283610422 - Numero R.E.A.: 175212
Capitale Sociale: € 100.000,00 i.v.