Picturing the space and transforming it into a functional reality. MS Engineering is the department dedicated to planning and optimizing every environment. It is a fundamental company sector in which creativity and technical vision unite to form a single core strategy.

There is a mix of practice, competence and skill which guides and validates every process of industrial production while at the same time ensuring for each product that the best choices of raw materials are made and that it meets its final function objective.

A wealth of knowledge and experience in “mind partner” formula, applied using the best software and technological standards available in the planning sector, is dedicated to the luxury, residential and hotel sectors as well as those in which décor provides a place to live in comfort and indisputable beauty.

MS srl - The Italian Art of Furniture

via Maestri del Lavoro, 23 / 25 • 60027 - Osimo Stazione [AN]
Tel. +39 071 78.19.844 - Fax +39 071 78.19.845
P.iva / Cod.Fisc.: 02283610422 - Numero R.E.A.: 175212
Capitale Sociale: € 100.000,00 i.v.